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Our Team

Roshan Samarawickrama
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Pushpa Kumar
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Roshan Samarawickrama, Programme Manager

I have worked at ECSAT since 2005. At first I worked as an Outreach worker. Since 2006 I was appointed as Programme Manager. As a leader I have to do a complicated job - but most of my work is taken up with fundraising so we can keep offering our services. I have a good team to lead our projects. ECSAT is a happy family. I hope that one day we can help people with disabilities all over Sri Lanka.

Lakshika De Silva, Operations Officer

I have worked at ECSAT since September 2015 as outsourced Accounts Executive. Since Otober 2019 I am the Operations Officer at ECSAT. My work includes overseeing the budget, donor’s financial statements and preparing documents for annual audit reports. I am happy to work here as part of the team.

Gayani Sugandika, Staff Member

I worked for one year as a Kids Club organizer at our Hikkaduwa Centre. Now I am working as a Project Coordinator. I work in two projects, Saramanda and Kindermission. I did lots of trainings with ECSAT and also I followed a Sign Language Diploma at the National Institute of Education at Maharagama. I led the Deaf Worldwide project from 2008- 2010 and I became a sign language trainer. As a senior staff member in ECSAT I am very happy to work here as a team member.


Pushpa Kumari, Staff Member

I joined for ECSAT as an Outreach worker since last 2014.  I am working for Cerebral Palsy children.  I do the exercises and sensory activities for them.  Now I am working as a project coordinator in therapy project.  I do the exercises for 43 children.  I also followed the Special Education Diploma to add more experience about disabilities.



Ayesha Ponnamperuma, Staff Member

I have worked at ECSAT since 2013. I joined as a volunteer. After three months I was appointed as the Administrator and I am conducting the handicraft project. I would like more administration experience, so I am working in the office. As a family ECSAT gives a service for the community. So I am pleased to say I am working in ECSAT because I think this is a service - not a job.

Piyumi Perera, Staff Member

I joined ECSAT as a volunteer. I helped children carry out activities with the support of other staff members. First I had the opportunity to observe each child. After that I joined the Education project to help run educational activities for children including cookery and music sessions. Now I am a teacher. I am teaching children for school preparation and after school. I completed a Preschool Diploma course and currently I am studying a Special Education Course to get more knowledge about working with children with disabilities.

Eshani Muditha, Assistant Administrative Officer

I joined ECSAT as a beneficiary to train with vocational training. Since 2016 I started to work at ECSAT as an Assistant Administrator. ECSAT sponsored me to do HRM and IT courses. ECSAT showed the path for my life. I would like to convey my gratitude to ECSAT, the people there changed my life.

Lalani Priyadarshani, Senior Special Education Teacher

I work as the senior special education teacher at ECSAT. I work in the Education project. Also I run activities, as part of the after school classes for children who have learning difficulties, at government schools. I the special education diploma from the at National Institute of Education.

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