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Volunteer stories

In 2018/9 we hosted 14 volunteers from Europe. They supported our work at the Galle Community Centre, three days a week over two months. Travelteer helped most of our volunteers and arranged their travel and experience with us.

Quote from Charlotte Lewell:

"As part of Travelteer I was lucky enough to be a part of volunteering at the newly founded project, ECSAT, for two months. I was mainly working with the vocational class, teaching the students basic English knowledge and skills. It was very rewarding for me to be able to go every week and gain a connection with such incredible people, knowing that the students have learnt something new and that I have made a difference to the students’ lives. I also got the chance to work with the teachers directly, helping them with their spoken English, which I hope will help them grow as people and benefit them in their future careers. I would like to thank all the staff at ECSAT for their support throughout my time in Sri Lanka and I wish them all the best with their development. I hope I can continue to be a part of an amazing organisation.” - Charlotte Lewell – Travelteer volunteer

In June 2019 two volunteers from Australia joined ECSAT from the Australian Volunteer Programme.

Valerie joined us as a Volunteer originally with VSO in 2008 to help us with our Fundraising and has been helping us with our major fundraising bids ever since. She is based in the UK and regularly helps us to turn our basic project ideas into a well-written, convincing grant application with the result that ECSAT has attracted funds from all parts of the world to continue its valuable work.

VALERIE - 20210926_091159 October 2021.jpg
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