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ECSAT has three Centres at Galle, Matara and Hikkaduwa with one aim; to provide education, support and training for disadvantaged children who are denied an education due to discrimination.


Teachers conduct lessons across the curriculum including Sinhala, English, mathematics, sports, dance, art and craft; and life and social skills.

Our preschool classes, for children aged three to five take lace four mornings a week at the Galle Centre.


We operate School Preparation Classes four mornings a week for children who have never been to school.


Our one-to-one support is for children with autism and those who are hyperactive and have difficulty working in small groups. The children progress toward working in small groups as they learn the necessary concentration and social skills.


The after-school classes are five afternoons for children who are struggling at school and need a little extra support.

School Integration - children are referred to government schools to integrate with their peer groups.

As part of our Education Framework Programme, we supported children with learning difficulties from low income and one parent families at Dorape and Olcott School. We have also trained their teachers with support for appropriate teaching techniques. We received very positive feedback from the principals, teachers and parents. They have requested further training sessions. We have implemented a programme of Teacher Training for 20 schools in the Galle area.



We offer therapy in two areas:


  1. Speech and Language therapy: providing one-to-one support once a week for 2 hours for children with language difficulties.

  2. Physiotherapy providing one-to-one support once a week for 2 hours for children with mobility problems.




This is for children who are severely disabled and housebound.


ECSAT visit once a week for two hours developing sensory skills and providing basic education.




We offer vocational training and livelihood training for young adults aged 16-30 with all types of disability.  Some of the young adults have never been to school. Basic skill training is provided in gardening, cookery, handicrafts, beauty culture and business skills.  ECSAT finds local market opportunities to enable beneficiaries with medium skill levels to earn an income.  By 2019 12  beneficiaries had set up their own business to supplement the family income selling products ranging from paper bags and pillowcases to vegetables and cinnamon.  We support artisans with high level skills to sell their products internationally.


We give basic training in life and social skills, sensory skills, gardening, cookery and handicrafts to institutionalised women in a local residential home with intellectual impairment. ECSAT visits three mornings a week and also offers monthly visits into the community.


We hold parent meetings and parent awareness trainings.



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