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Ecsat Crafts were established in July 2005, training disabled adults and their families to make beautiful handicrafts. They are sold at top-end outlets in Sri Lanka, and are also available to buy on our online shop.

Cushion covers

All of our cushion covers are hand made in Galle with beautiful material sourced locally by our producers.


Our batik cushion covers have been dyed using traditional batik techniques, adding an extra talking point to your home.

Our bunting is a lovely addition to any childs party, or bedroom. We also have a range of batik bunting including our union jack designs - perfect for traditional celebrations.

Presentation bags (image to follow)

These simple gift bags are made from a range of materials and can be used to present items discreetly, or to package a gift for someone.


Special orders can be taken for weddings and other events.

Batik Sarongs

We sell a range of batik sarongs, where producers use these traditional Sri Lankan skills to make beautiful pieces of art that you can wear. Use it as a skirt, a shawl, or a towel and perfect for beach holidays.

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